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Absol :iconrunedragonc:RuneDragonc 27 8 Arcanine (2) :iconrunedragonc:RuneDragonc 43 0 Dragonair :iconrunedragonc:RuneDragonc 28 1 Dewgong :iconrunedragonc:RuneDragonc 13 6 Slowking :iconrunedragonc:RuneDragonc 32 10 Roselia :iconrunedragonc:RuneDragonc 72 10 Tauros :iconrunedragonc:RuneDragonc 13 1 Vulpix :iconrunedragonc:RuneDragonc 137 11 Nidoking :iconrunedragonc:RuneDragonc 10 0 Rapidash :iconrunedragonc:RuneDragonc 31 0 Torterra :iconrunedragonc:RuneDragonc 32 0 Pidgeot :iconrunedragonc:RuneDragonc 29 2 Butterfree :iconrunedragonc:RuneDragonc 20 4 Staryu :iconrunedragonc:RuneDragonc 20 0 Lapras :iconrunedragonc:RuneDragonc 31 0 Sandslash :iconrunedragonc:RuneDragonc 25 0
_______________1. Slowking___________________
________________2. Roselia___________________
________________3. Vulpix____________________


1 Slowking by RuneDragonc2 Roselia by RuneDragonc
3 Vulpix by RuneDragonc

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Upcoming Deviations

Fri Feb 22, 2013, 7:04 PM by RuneDragonc:iconrunedragonc:
~ Pokemon Kanto Team
~ V for Vendetta Mask


(The following images do not belong to on them to go to the actual deviation)
Starter 1 Pokemon Stamp by FireStump Starter 2 Pokemon Stamp by FireStump Starter 3 Pokemon Stamp by FireStump Starter 4 Pokemon Stamp by FireStump
Kanto Team:
Arcanine by cshift Seadra by cshift Scyther by cshift
Tauros by cshift Jolteon by cshift Dragonite by cshift
Johto Team:
Espeon by cshift Misdreavus by cshift Steelix by cshift
Sneasel by cshift Houndoom by cshift Kingdra by cshift

Digimon Crests:
Tag of Courage by Romaji Tag of Friendship by Romaji Tag of Love by Romaji Tag of Sincerity by Romaji Tag of Reliability by Romaji Tag of Knowledge by Romaji Tag of Hope by Romaji Tag of Light by Romaji__ Tag of Kindness by Romaji
Crest of Courage by azure-sonicfan Crest of Friendship by azure-sonicfan Crest of Love by azure-sonicfan Crest of Purity by azure-sonicfan Crest of Faith by azure-sonicfan Crest of Knowledge by azure-sonicfan Crest of Hope by azure-sonicfan Crest of Light by azure-sonicfan Crest of Kindness by azure-sonicfan
_______ Courage Stamp by L-mon Friendship Stamp by L-mon Love Stamp by L-mon Sincerity Stamp by L-mon_______
Reliability Stamp by L-mon Knowledge Stamp by L-mon Hope Stamp by L-mon Light Stamp by L-mon Kindness Stamp by L-mon

Digimon: Adventure - Partners
BP_Tai and Agumon Stamp by Stamp221 Bp_Matt and Gabumon Stamp by Stamp221 BP_Sora and Byomon Stamp by Stamp221 BP_Mimi and Palmon Stamp by Stamp221
BP_Joe and Gomamon Stamp by Stamp221 BP_Izzy and Tentomon Stamp by Stamp221 BP_T.K. and Patamon Stamp by Stamp221 BP_Kari and Gatomon Stamp by Stamp221


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judasturbia Featured By Owner Mar 19, 2013
For the eeveelutions, don't forget slyveon
Trainer-Dan Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2012
Your drawings are really cool :D I thought i'd comment on your page because there all good.
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CaterBug Featured By Owner Dec 26, 2012  Hobbyist Writer
You have very cool art work, and so I've added you to my watch list.
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Angelwaveo6 Featured By Owner Dec 21, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
hey :wave:
Sorry to bug you but do you allow people to colour your sketch work? :D
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John-Tansey Featured By Owner Nov 5, 2012   Traditional Artist
Thanks for adding a couple paintings to your collections...
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